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Welcome to my website.  My name is Nelson Kok.  I am a Freelance Consultant Trainer and a Blended eLearning (BeL) Coach.

I am based in Penang, Malaysia.  Here is a brief description to introduce myself & what I can be of service to you.

  • Name: Nelson Kok, Malaysian Chinese, Male, Age 57
  • Qualifications/ Jobs: MBA, B.Sc(Hon); Certified Trainer (since 1993);  Approved PSMB Trainer (since 2007);  Remote Online Blended eLearning Coach; Host Online Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Work Experience: 33 years (incl. 27 years in field of Training & Development)
  • International Exposures: Serving clients in more than 10 Countries (i.e. Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan.)
  •  Areas of Expertise: Remote Online Blended eLearning, Leadership, Intercultural Communications, Personality ID Profiling & Executives Team Building Skills, Quality Management, Statistics, Coaching, Supervisory Development and Soft-Skills trainings.
  • Strengths:
    SPECIFIC & FOCUSED — I design & customize training programs to better fit your organization’s unique training needs.
    REMOTE ONLINE RESOURCES — I create and host remote online custom-built training programs for clients.
    CROSS-CULTURAL  —  I assist (or co-partnership with international organizations that have branches in ASEAN regions) to deploy cross-cultural training assignments in more cost-effectively and faster manner.
    FREELANCE & FLEXIBLE — I work Independently; Freelance, and Flexible to work with all organizations; free to establish business collaborations with no conflict of interests.
  • Value-Added Services: Besides conducting the popular physical face-to-face Instructor-Led Training (ILT) trainings, I also design, customize, and host Remote Online Training (ROT) courses using the latest Blended eLearning (BeL) methodology.
33Years Experience
17000Participants Trained
134Courses Developed
450Clients Served

My Value-Added Services

My passion and area of specialization is in Learning & Development (L&D).

My mission is to assist employees and organizations to achieve higher productivity, quality, and effectiveness through training.

There are three (3) training methodologies you can choose to empower your employees’ learning and development:


Nothing can replace this traditional and most popular training method – – using an instructor to lead the participants in learning, practicing specific skill-sets and provide real-time feedbacks in a physical classroom environment.  This method has the following benefits:

  • Maximizes Engagement, Encourages Participation, Lively Interactions, Fun, Enrich Experiences.
  • Improves Teamwork, Improves Communication and Discipline – – Participants meet, learn, collaborate and do things together as a team.  It improves communication skills, enforces discipline at the same time allows participants to enjoy success through ‘sweating it out’ together.

For Instructor-Led Training (ILT) programs, I have created a separate website ( ) to provide you with more detailed information on the courses available. Please click on the hyperlink to visit the website.

If your company is looking for a professional trainer service to train your employees on various training courses, please contact me.



This is remote online training where you meet the Instructor virtually online via emeetings platform like Zoom/Skype/Google Meet, etc.

Since Covid-19 pandemic spread, organizations are embracing the ‘New Norm’ of conducting trainings online to comply to the social-distancing and travel restriction requirements.   This method has the following benefits:

  • Remote Online – –  Converting physical training into remote online platform, this allows organization to stay safe and empowers employees to ‘work-from-home’.  While it lacks the liveliness, engagements and spontaneity of the physical ILT trainings,  ROT is equally attractive as it complies to the social-distancing and travel restrictions requirements.
  • Easily Accessible, Fast, Convenient – – eMeetings are very easily accessible, ROT provides immediate feedback/comments and make it a lot more convenient and quick.  It facilitates and simplified corporate training feedback.  Managers can view videos of learning demonstration and use this opportunity to discuss training issues more effectively.
  • Cross-Platform, Collaborative Learning, Cost-effective – –  Online learning platforms offer a variety of powerful communication tools (chats, instant messaging, forums, videos, online grading tool, online discussions, drop boxes archive, etc).  All of these tools offer great flexibility in terms of ensuring timely communication and it is cost-effective.  Your employees will also most probably learn most from other participants, besides from the Instructor.

Personally, I prefer the third option or Blended eLearning (BeL) method.  (Please see below).  However, if your company wants to convert your existing ILT training method into remote online training, please contact me.   I can customize some of my physical ILT training into ROT format to suit your company’s training requirements.



Blended eLearning (BeL) = (A). eLearning + (B). Remote Online Training (ROT).

Blended eLearning (BeL) method is the latest fully remote online blended learning methodology that combines:

(A). eLearning  – –  or Self-learning online using a Learning Management System (LMS), …plus…

(B). Remote Online Training (ROT) – – virtually meeting with the Instructor online using emeeting platform like Zoom/Skype/Google Meet, etc

It has all the benefits of both eLearning and ROT (mentioned above).

I have created a dedicated website to promote this latest BeL training platform, please click here ( for more information.

Realizing the importance and tremendous benefits of Blended eLearning (BeL) , many organizations nowadays are switching to BeL method.

Instead of conducting training courses in ‘piece-meal fashion’, many organizations prefer to plan out a longer term skills and career development plans for their employees.

I can assist your organization to customize and convert your in-house existing custom-training programss into Blended Learning (BeL) format.

Click here ( to see some examples of Critical Training Programs for Career Development that can be converted to BeL format.

If your company has similar need, please contact me.  Tell me how can I assist you.

Select your preferred learning method.


Select your choice

Instructor-Led Courses

Physical face-to-face learning with the Instructor is the best choice.

ILT Courses

Customize your own...

Remote Online Training (ROT)

Work-from-home. Get trained online safely & conveniently.

eLearning Courses

Learn 24x7, own pace/time


Blended eLearning (BeL) course optimizes your best online learning choice. Maximizes employees' learning and development.

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Specially Customized Training Programs

“Customized Training programs can better fit, support and align with your organization’s culture and strategies.”


Throughout my 33 years of working experience, I am privileged to had served hundreds of multi-national companies, from diverse industries, on their training needs for their employees’ career development plan.  From these experiences, I have developed a list of core (or foundational) critical training programs for different levels of employees.

In order to simplify the list, I have divided them into three levels of management (Top, Middle, Operational-Directs) and four categories of training program groups (TLMP, MLAP, MLTP, ODLP).

The four categories of training program groups are:

    – Example: Dept. Heads, Manager & Above.
    – Example: Section Heads, Officers, Analyst, Supervisors, etc.
    – Example: Engineering Section Heads, Engineers, Technical Specialist, IT Analysts, etc.
    – Example: Asst. Engineers, Technicians, Administrative Clerks, Line Trainers, Line Leaders, Operators, etc.

For each category of training program group above, there is a recommended list of critical training courses cater for their career development.

Click here to view the list of Critical Training Programs For Career Development.

If your organization wants to develop your own Customized Training programs for your employees’s career development, I can assist you.   Please contact me (see contact below).


Top Level Management Program (TLMP)

Specially customized program for Managers & Above

Middle Level Administration Program (MLAP)

Special-built development program for Frontline Leaders. (Section Heads, Senior Executives, Engineers, Supervisors)

Middle Level Technical Program (MLTP)

Special-built development program for Quality & Productivity Team Leaders. (Engineering Section Heads, Engineers, IT Analysts, Technical Specialists, etc)

Operation Directs Level Program (ODLP)

Customized development program for Operators, Line Leaders, Line Trainers, Technicians.




Tell me how can I assist you.

Contact me. The easiest way is to whatapps or email me your message.