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My name is Nelson Kok.  I am the Founder of www.myelearningprovider.com, and a professional Consultant Trainer with more than 33 years of working experience.

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  •  Areas of Expertise:
    – Intercultural Qualification Training
    – Leadership & Executive Team-building Skills
    – Personality ID Profiling
    – Statistics, Quality & Productivity Improvements
    – Supervisory Development
    – Soft Skills
    – Lectures and Executive Diplomas
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33Years Experience
17000Participants Trained
102Courses Developed
400Clients Served

My Value-Added Services

My passion and area of specialization is in Learning & Development (L&D).



In ILT courses, your participants will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Maximum Engagement, Encourages Participation, Lively Interactions, Fun, Enrich Experiences.
  • Improves Teamwork, Improves Communication and Discipline – – Participants meet, learn, collaborate and do things together as a team.  It improves communication skills, enforces discipline at the same time allows participants to enjoy success through ‘sweating it out’ together.

For Instructor-Led Training (ILT) programs, I have created a separate website ( http://www.mytrainingprovider.com ) to provide you with a list of popular courses available and detail course contents.

If your company is looking for a professional trainer to train your employees on various training programs, click on this link ( please contact me.



eLearning allows your participants to learn online anytime, anywhere without the physical presence of a training instructor.  The benefits include:

  • ’24 x 7′ Access To Training Resources, At Own Convenience – –   This is very attractive especially for workers who are always ‘busy’ at the workplace and have ‘no time’ for training.
  • Learn At Your Own Pace, Own Preferences – –  Every learner has different learning capabilities, preferences and different pace in terms of grasping the information.  Participants can choose their own specific learning path, pace or topic of interests as they deem right.
  •  Cross-Platform, Collaborative Learning, Cost-effective – –  Diverse online learning tools (e.g. email, websites, instant messaging, videos, online grading tool, online discussions, forums, drop boxes, etc)  offer great flexibility in terms of ensuring timely communication and it is cost-effective.  Your employees will most probably learn most from other participants, besides from the Instructor.
  • Easy, Fast Reporting, Tracking Learners’ Skill and Performance Development – – eLearning facilitates and simplified corporate training feedback, making data tracking /feedback /evaluation /comments a lot more convenient and fast.  Managers can track their own subordinates’ learning performance and use this opportunity to determine which training programs are more effective to fully meet performance goals and career path.

For  Online Learning programs, I have created a separate website ( http://www.myelearningprovider.com ) to provide your employees the opportunity to learn online.  Note: This website is still in the work-in-progress stage, as more and more eLearning courses will be added to it in due time.

If your company wants to include eLearning as part of a lifelong learning program for your employees who are always busy at work and have no time for training, please contact me.   I can customize training online courses to suit your company’s training needs and host it online for your company.



Basically, Blended Learning (B-L) method is a combination of  both Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and e-Learning method. It has all the benefits of both ILT and e-Learning mentioned above.

Blended Learning (B-L) = Instructor-Led Training (ILT) + eLearning.

Realizing the importance and tremendous benefits of Blended Learning (B-L) , many organizations nowadays want to convert their existing in-house training courses into Blended Learning (B-L) courses. If your company has similar needs, please contact me.

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Instructor-Led Courses

Traditional face-to-face learning with the Instructor is a good choice.

ILT Courses

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Online Learning

Learn online '24x7' at your own convenience.

eLearning Courses

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To customize your existing in-house course into Blended Learning (B-L) course, please contact me.

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Special-Built Training Programs

“Special-built Training programs are designed and developed based on a detailed assessment of the learning and development needs of the participant with attention to the organization’s culture and strategies.”


Today, many organizations prefer custom-made or special-built training programs for their employees rather than ‘shop for a off-the-shelf’ training program.

I had provided many training customization services to my clients before.

If your organization wants to develop your own Customized Training programs, I can assist you.

Please contact me (see contact below).


Specially designed indoor team-building program for Managers, Dept. Heads


Special-built development program for Frontline Leaders. (Section Heads, Senior Executives, Engineers, Supervisors)


Special-built development program for Quality Improvements Teams. (Quality Control Circles / Innovative & Creative Circles)


Customized development program for Operators, Line Leaders, Line Trainers, Technicians. (Includes programs in Malay Language)


Tell me how can I assist you.

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